Google SEO Tools Review : Analytics, Search Console And Seo
Google SEO Tools Review

Google SEO Tools Review

Google SEO Tools

Google may be a behemoth of SEO, with the corporate commanding quite 80% of program market share. For website owners and marketers, the corporate provides three main tools: Analytics, Search Console, and Ads. Together, these three tools form a particularly powerful website monitoring and SEO suite that’s completely liberal to use.

Are Google’s SEO tools the proper choice for monitoring and improving your site’s SEO? We’ll take a better check out Analytics, Search Console, and Ads to seek out out.

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Plans and pricing

Using Google’s SEO tools is totally free—all you would like may be a Google account. Buying ads through Google Ads does cost money, though. you’ll spend the maximum amount or as little as you would like , but on the average you’ll expect to pay between $1 and $2 per click-through to your website from program ads.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is meant to assist you quickly track how your website is performing. At a look , you’ll see what percentage users are on your website immediately , where those users are located, and what sort of device they’re accessing your site with. All of this is often displayed during a series of straightforward tables and graphs, which you’ll click on to urge more detailed information.Just as importantly, Analytics gives you insight into the historical audience for your website. you’ll define a custom date range to tug visitor data from. Then, you’ll dive into demographic data just like the age, gender, and interests of your site visitors.

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Another useful aspect of Analytics is that you simply can see how visitors are behaving on your website. The platform offers a flow chart that illustrates where visitors follow landing on your homepage and the way much time they spend on each page. this is often extremely helpful for locating specific pages or content areas that are causing visitors to go away your website.

Analytics particularly shines if you’re running a billboard campaign. you’ll easily compare traffic characteristics before, during, and after the campaign. If you send visitors to a custom landing page, you’ll also easily monitor whether they’re converting into sales after arriving on your site.

Google Search Console

If Analytics is meant to assist you monitor your site’s performance, Search Console is meant to assist you improve performance. you’ll find information about what program keywords users were getting into Google to reach your site. Search Console also allows you to skills many of us see your website in search results and the way many of these impressions are turning into site visits.

One of the important things that Search Console tracks is what percentage times your website is backlinked, both internally and from other sites. This plays a serious role in your website’s SEO rankings. Search Console also highlights any code errors on your website that would be negatively affecting your program ranking.

What Search Console doesn’t tell you, though, is how your website is really ranking in search results for specific keywords. That’s a critical omission, especially if you’re brooding about employing a keyword-based advertising campaign to spice up your site’s visibility.

Google Ads

Google Ads may be a platform to assist you design ads that appear on the Google program . These ads are essentially text with a link to a selected landing page, so setting them up is comparatively simple. Importantly, you’ll choose specific keywords that trigger your ad to point out also as limit your ads to people in specific geographical areas around your business.
One of the key parts of Ads is setting your budget. Google automatically places your ads employing a bidding system, which ensures you’re getting the foremost bang for your buck. Ads will offer you an estimate of what percentage clicks you’ll get for a given budget, but results can vary widely.

To see how your ad is doing, you’ll got to believe Analytics and Search Console. Ads itself doesn’t offer much within the way of performance analytics, although you’ll monitor your current campaigns and spending.


Google offers support for Analytics and Search Console by web only. Both platforms have extensive documentation centers, and you merely got to describe your issue to seek out the acceptable help file. If you grind to a halt , though, support is restricted to posting during a help forum and hoping that another user answers your question.

google support
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Support for Ads is more concrete. There’s a web documentation library almost like what you’ll find for Analytics and Search Console. But, you’ll also get help over the phone, by live chat, or by email.

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